Nancy Aimola, 14, created an anti-cyber bullying video

Nancy Aimola, 14, created an anti-cyber bullying video after Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston was targeted in a prank.
Cyber bullies entered the school in a new contest that will bring country, pop singer Taylor Swift to the campus of the school that receives the most online votes.
"Cyber bullies thought it would be funny to play a prank on Taylor Swift and the school," said Lisa Aimola, Nancy's mother. "What started as mean turned into positive."
Aimola, a North Quincy High School freshman, recruited five friends and created the anti-cyber bullying video with the goal of winning the school a free concert.
"Just because you can hear doesn't always mean you do hear," Aimola said in the video.
Aimola's friend Jaimie Lyons, who is deaf and can hear through cochlear implants, said in the video "I can do anything."
The video, which had 655 views on Tuesday, ends with the message "music is for everyone.
"These kids can appreciate a concert through special sound and special speakers," Lisa Aimola said.
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