Moeder van 12 jarige pestkop geeft op gepaste wijze straf

Mom scolds daughter, embarasses bully 12-year-old on Facebook


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In a bit of tough love, a Milwaukee mom scolded herdaughter in a Facebook video, courtesy of HLNTV on Feb. 21. Lorraine Walls, the 12-year-old's mother, said she posted the shaming video to teach the girl a lesson on how to conduct herself properly. Allegedly, the girl is accused of being a bully and courting boys against her mom's will.
Watch video above of other parents who disciplined their kids for using the social media site.
With her face blotted out in the video due to her age, the 12-year old girl repeats phrases her mother orders her to say:
Tell them that you can't be on Facebook" [daughter repeats]; "I can't have a boyfriend" [daughter repeats]; and "I'm reading my bible" [daughter repeats].
The mom's scolding of her daughter took place on the heels of repeated attempts to get her to refrain from bullying behavior, planning a fight, and talking to an assumed boyfriend on social media using a fake profile. So Walls became a bit creative by turning to the Internet and using the online shaming video as a last resort.
The scolding mom ruffled a few feathers when she threatened this about her daughter in the video on Facebook:
The next time that she's on Facebook and I catch her on Facebook, I'm beating the hell out of her." However, when the question was posed to her by a reporter, she minimized her statements and suggested it was emotional talk designed to heal her daughter from her bullying and disobedient ways.
If you can get a child and expose that child, to help that child -- not to hurt em -- I'm not out to hurt [daughter's name], I won't her to live. I want her to be somebody," said the girl’s mother.
Not surprisingly, the comments about the mother's scolding tactics on her daughter were mixed:
Belinda Oakland wrote [sics]: "This is disgusting For a mother to do that to a child. There are so many other ways To punish a 12-year-old... Remember one day you will be old and you'll need someone And that someone is your daughter... They say what comes around goes around.
Geneva Ornelas countered by saying this [sics]: "This mom deserves a medal. since teens now a days live on technology this is more and likely way to get thru they're hard head and take what parents mean serious and not disrespect them as they do. Great Idea!!! time for parents take control the only way the teens would understand. mom is only helping her for her future. teens need morales and respect for others. what goes around does come around. later in life."
So a mom scolds her daughter on Facebook by using another form of parental behavioral modification. With the advent of social media (and tougher laws), parents are becoming creative.
But the lingering question is: Does shaming of children and teens work as good as corporal punishment in the olden days? Is "grounding" working? Or is using Facebook against Facebook the next best thing since sliced bread?